One More Day


Balancing a career and motherhood is a hard job. Just ask Raquel Ferguson, a struggling photographer and single mother to a 15 year old daughter. She works as hard as she can to provide for her child, Sky. But as her fame grows, it causes more strain on the relationship between the two. Raquel has vowed to never be like her own mother, and has grown to dislike her tremendously. But it will be that same disdain that teaches her a lesson she will never forget.

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This Movie was the BOMB! Loved it and will be watching it again!
Great job! Truly a message for many daughters today raising their own. 70s, 80s, and 90s were really tough. The best thing I come away with this is there really isn't any forgiveness without understanding. Thank you💯
Tewodros Desta El
The message was Powerful!
We were in awe at how good it was!
The Mills
Hey Fred just wanted to let you know that someone my mom works with bought the movie on youtube and she came up to my mom today and said she liked it so much she watched it twice!!! Also one of my neighbors came to the premiere and they liked it so much they went and bought it on youtube to watch it again and told his friends how good it was!
Hey Fred so proud of you! The finished product was amazing!
Hey Fred so proud of you! The finished product was amazing!
Yoooooooooo!!! That was dope and heartfelt!!!!! GEEEEEEEEEESH
Nuff Ced
Beatiful, Inspirational and Well Done

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