A Queen's Tale


Nia Badina aka “Baddie”, a former Drug QueenPin who is now in prison. She receives a new cell mate who goes by the name Sheba. Sheba idolizes Baddie and is under the impression that Baddie is dead. Upon realizing that Nia is indeed Baddie, she quickly inquires about her story, desiring to know what happened to her idol. Nia proceeds to tell her story of how she became one of the biggest drug dealers in the city. Along the way she meets a cast of characters and individuals who aid her and propel her to legendary status of being Baddie. After a shoot out with the cartel and police, Baddie goes on the run to a family cabin far away. Little does she know, when she arrives at the cabin, there is someone waiting for her. This man will change her life forever and give Nia a brand new perspective and purpose.

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