Fred Forte Jr.

Fred Forte Jr., is a writer, director, and producer born and raised in Charlotte, NC. He was born into a family of ministry, where he was taught the love of God and how to “live on purpose”. At the age of 15, he discovered his passion in life: writing and directing. In 2010, he directed his first major theater production “For the Love of Money”, performed in Charlotte, Greensboro and Salisbury, NC. 
Shortly thereafter in 2011, Fred began to write, direct and produce short films and web-series. In 2019, Fred along with longtime business partner Shelton-Demar Lewis and D’Angelo Crawford, formed 3rd Day Films, LLC.  Over the years, Fred has grown into an award-winning director and writer. He is also a proud father of 4, and currently resides in Rock Hill, SC. 
 “I strive to be more than a director, but rather a storyteller for God.”- Fred Forte
 Born and raised in Rochester, New York Shelton-Demar Lewis’ love for acting came in at a young age. Shelton’s dad would always film our little skits.  Anytime we came up with something, my dad would get the camera and hit record. 
“Seeing people laughing and reacting to what my brothers and I put together sparked a flame in me that till this day burns bright. I love acting and entertaining.  It’s just who I am but now I want to use my gifts and talents to glorify GOD.” 
“When it’s all said and done the only thing that will really matter in life is what I do for GOD and who I was able to lead to HIM.  Nothing else matters if you don’t put GOD first in your life.”

Shelton-Demar Lewis

D'Angelo Crawford

I am D’Angelo Crawford, a Buffalo, New York native, who relocated to Charlotte, NC.  I have always been a big movie buff and intrigue with the way television shows and film were constructed.  This passion is what persuaded me to take a job with Time Warner Cable, where I met Fred Forte Jr and Shelton-Demar Lewis, who was directing local pieces at the time.  We connected and they pulled open the curtain to how the famous “Movie Magic” was made.  Once I got a feel for it, I never looked back.
Since then we have worked together doing Dinner Theaters, Web series and Short Films.  With my eye for contacting and being engulfed in the actors portrayals, that helped uss keep our projects believable and relatable with the audience.  Our teamwork is one that is unmatched, and will continue to allow us to reach new heights in the future within this industry.

Dontai Keith

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